Infrastructure Change: TLS 1.0 Disablement

ADVAM is updating its infrastructure to meet the latest security protocols.
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What is PCI DSS

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), set by the PCI Security Standards Council, outlines the requirements on an organisation that accepts card payments, which they must comply. Failure to do so can attract expensive fines and can also lead to an increase in bank merchant fees, or even termination of a merchant facility.

Compliance to PCI DSS is therefore critical to your business.

How ADVAM complies

ADVAM is committed to maintain the highest level of security standards for our clients and their customer’s payments that we process. The ADVAM Gateway and associated solutions are certified to Level 1 compliance, the highest level of certification. As such, ADVAM is included on Visa’s Global Registry of Service Providers and Mastercard’s Compliant Service Provider List 

ADVAM’s security controls are reviewed annually via an independent assessment that ensures that PCI DSS compliance levels are maintained and adhered to.

What this means for your business

You can focus on your business, without the concern of your payments’ security.

ADVAM payment processing is secure, reliable and robust. Your customers transactions are being processed to the highest level of security, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring that your payments are processed as smoothly as possible.


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