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The online account-based parking platform that improves the parking experience for customers and drives loyalty

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Take your relationship with your customers to the next level

ParkCharge is an account-based parking platform designed to turn your casual parkers to loyal customers. It enables your customers to easily register online, creating an account for touch-free payment and entry/exit of your car park.


Customer registers online

Tailored to your branding

Selects payment option

Enable PAYG, postpaid or prepaid options

Drives straight to car park

Access control agnostic, touch-free entry

Returns to car park

Seamless exit – positive customer experience

Payment deducted

Payment via the ADVAM Gateway

Access to user account

Integrate with CRM / BI tools and gain data insights

By having a relationship with your customers, you get to know them better, giving you the opportunity to provide incentives for their next visit. Your customers receive a better experience turning them into loyal, advocate customers.


Simple registration, easy payment

ParkCharge equips you with the tools to turn your casual parkers to loyal customers. Through its extensive features, you are able to give your customers a seamless parking experience and more.

Better experience

Drive loyalty

Better insights

ParkCharge’s extensive features, allow you to deliver the best customer experience. Features include;

Fully featured account management portal

Configure access to meet a user’s preferences such as charging options and specific car park access

Send SMS and email notifications for account reminders

Access customer details, transaction and movement reports


Product & pricing management

Easily tailor products and pricing to suit market requirements

Create products to suit customer preferences, driving loyalty further

Provide membership customers with special offers and incentives for parking


Easy to use, user customer interface

Simple registration process for your customers, with minimum click to complete navigation

Customer portal allows your customers to manage their account, change details, view transactions and receipts

Align with your branding and enable login with Social Sign On


Third-party business tools connection

Managed integration with CRM and BI Tools

Combine customer data with your business data to tailor offers, incentives and rewards to maintain and deepen loyalty


Seamless entry & exit

Supports ANPR/LPR, RFID, MAG, TAG and bar code


Flexible payment options

Remove the friction of physical payments

Provide different charging options to your customers – prepaid with auto top-up, postpaid or PAYG


Learn more about all of
ParkCharge’s features

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Benefits for you...

Powerful data

Learn more about your customers, create solutions to meet their needs.

Stronger engagement

Improve the relationship with your customers by providing a better experience and securing long term loyalty.

Improved customer loyalty

By removing the friction of paying for parking, your customers are less concerned about how much time they have parked for, the time wasted queuing at a machine, or finding cash to pay. This improved experience leads to increased customer loyalty.

Reduced administration burden

Eliminate manual permit management, manual sign-up forms and account reconciliation.

Comprehensive integration

Connect to CRM and BI systems to understand more about your customers, to assist in delivering better products and pricing and future planning.

Benefits for your customers...

Fast and easy registration

The simple to use registration tool, makes it easy for your customers to register and use the system.

Membership portal

Customers are able to log onto their account, update personal and vehicle details, change payment information, access transactions and receipts.

Touch-free payments

Remove the friction of paying for parking, delivering a better experience and turning your customers to loyal parkers.

Improved experience

The ease of the overall experience, makes parking a lot easier, removing the burden of manual payments. In turn, customers are likely to become more loyal, park more frequently and become advocates for your car park.

Through the Gateway

ParkCharge is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank.