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With ADVAM's 'Incremental Authorisation' payment model, we make it easy for your customers to park, charge, pay and go.

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Giving power to your customers

With the popularity of Electric Vehicles (EV) increasing and Governments across the globe including EV with their environmental quotas, the need to provide easy EV Charging is a must.

ADVAM’s UnattendedPayments solution makes it easy for your EV Charging customers, providing a range of contactless payment solutions to suit your business requirements and customer needs.


Connect car

Select the bay and connect the car

Start charge

Tap payment card or mobile wallet to start charge

Finish charging

Tap a payment card to complete charging and process payment


Visit the online receipt portal to view and download receipts

Robust technology, easier payments

Our premium range of terminals not only withstand harsh environmental conditions but provide the option of multi-machine or single machine integration – allowing you to provide the best solution for you and your customers.

As your customers simply tap to charge, you are able to provide a contactless, touch-free and easier way to pay, enabling your customers to only pay for the charge they have consumed.


UnattendedPayments for EV Charging features include;

Premium Terminals

Our robust terminals provide a contactless way for your customers to pay. They are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and enable fast, secure payment processing.


Incremental Authorisation Payment Model

Customers simply select their charging station and tap their payment card to start charging. Payment authorisation is taken for the charge to commence. Once the electric charge is complete, your customer will be charged for the power consumed.


Administration portal

Use the online portal to access transaction and billing reports, manage your customers transactions and process refunds.


The Way to Pay

Powered by the ADVAM Gateway, the ADVAM terminals are EMV certified, can adhere to P2PE validated processes and will accept payments via cards or mobile wallets.


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EV Charging’s features

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Benefits for you and your customers

The easier way to pay

With the ‘Incremental Authorisation’ payment model, your customers can quickly park and tap their card to start charging their car. Once charging is complete, the customer simply pays under one single tap at the end, enabling a seamless payment experience.

Robust premium terminals

The high quality of the payment terminals enables multi-machine or single machine integration, flexible payments via card or mobile wallets, and ensures that they are robust enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Increased security for you and your customers

Using EMV Certified terminals and the option for a P2PE validated solution, you and your customers can be reassured that payments are made quickly and securely.

Through the Gateway

UnattendedPayments is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank