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The online parking payment platform that boosts your staff and contractor parking experience and improves your operational efficiency.

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Transform your workforce parking operations with StaffPark

StaffPark is an account-based online parking payment platform designed to help you efficiently manage parking for different staff and contractor groups.


Staff/contractor registers online

Tailored to suit corporate branding

Select payment option

Define payment types and methods, including salary sacrifice

Drives straight to car park

Allow access to approved vehicles; access control agnostic

Payment deducted

Fast and efficient payment via the ADVAM Gateway

Access to user account

Integrate with HR systems and gain data insights

StaffPark delivers real breakthroughs in transforming convenience and reliability for your workforce. It lowers the administrative burden that’s associated with manual processes, and it improves the experience for your staff and contractors.


Highly flexible and feature-rich

With StaffPark, the end-to-end staff and contractor parking management platform journey is seamless for you and your team.

Improve staff satisfaction

Reduce administration burden

Increase operational efficiency

StaffPark’s extensive features allow you to deliver the best staff and contractor experience. Features include;

Tailored front-end

Manage the design of your front-end to keep your branding look and feel.


Flexible account structures

Segment groups according to their parking needs, manage them separately and efficiently. Manage third-party groups based on their own requirements.


Fully featured account management

Configure key variables such as area access and pricing easily and efficiently online.


Friendly user journey

Simple registration for staff and third-party contractors. Allow your staff and contractors to view and manage their account, vehicle and payment details.


Improve capacity management

Manage and assign designated parking spaces to different parker groups.


Flexible payment options

Ability to offer different payment options, prepaid, postpaid with auto-top up, pay as you go or salary sacrifice.


Third-party business tools integration

Connect StaffPark to your HR, business intelligence and financial systems.


Seamless access control integration

Supports multiple access control methods including credit card, bar code, QR code, pass card, ANPR/LPR and toll tag.


The way to pay

Secure and fast payment through the ADVAM Gateway. Enable payments by all major cards.


Learn more about all of
StaffPark’s features

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Benefits for you and your workforce

Enhanced efficiency

Deliver an account-based experience for staff and contractors

All your staff data in one platform

Link StaffPark to your HR, CRM or financial systems and have a consolidated view of your staff profiles

Reduced administration, reduced costs

Payments, accounts and access management are all automated — cutting your administration burden and reducing your costs

A seamless experience

Simple administration for both you and your workforce from registration through to payment and parking

Improved staff experience

Remove the friction of paying for parking from your staff and contractors

Through the Gateway

StaffPark is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank.