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Make it easier for your customers through eCommerce payments

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Offer real choice in eCommerce payment channels seamlessly and securely with PathToPay

PathToPay is an integrated eCommerce solution that enables you to accept payments online or by phone to make it easier for your customers while also ensuring that their payment journey is fast, easy and secure.


Customer goes to payment page, or calls number

Tailored to your branding

Payment is taken securely

Seamless payment

Tokenisation to enable recurring payments

Improve the customer experience

Fast payment transaction processing

To your preferred bank

Customer data management

Connect to CRM and ERP systems

It is a powerful platform that enables you to make payments into your preferred bank via the ADVAM Gateway and connects to your business systems.


Fast, easy and secure

PathToPay enables your organisation to scale up, accept online payments and embrace the changing consumer needs.

Deliver convenience

Fast and easy payment

Proven and secure

PathToPay’s extensive features ensure your business is equipped with the tools needed to support a multi-channel payments capability. Features include;

Payments via your website

Accept payments on your website. Control the look and feel of your payment page. Have the flexibility to select between embedding a form into your webpage using an iFrame, or building your own.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Take payments over the phone via automated voice response. ADVAM supports your IVR workflow, with prompt recording by professional voiceover artists, and integration with your CRM or other software to enable near real time data verification and payment status updates.


Set up recurring payments

Provide the option to set up recurring payments through tokenisation. The capability gives your billing model flexibility and makes the experience easier for your customers by removing the need to re-enter details for each billing cycle. It also removes the need for your team to remind them to pay.


Administration portal

The administration portal enables you to manage your account, review and refund transactions, generate comprehensive reports, including summary, custom and detailed reports as well as billing reconciliation and - search transactions by reference, payment card, receipt and date.


Third-party business tools

Integrate with third-party business management software and reporting tools


The way to pay

PathToPay connects to the ADVAM Gateway – a multi-channel processing platform that enables consumers to pay via all major card schemes, direct debit, or over the phone.


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PathToPay’s features

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Benefits for you and your customers

Multi-channel capability

Provide an online platform with the option to pay over the phone, making it easier for your customers to pay and enabling your business to grow.

Reduced administrative burden

Eliminate the burden that comes with managing manual payments such as generating refunds and manual invoicing

Improved customer satisfaction

Make it easier for your customers and their satisfaction increases. Add tokenisation and recurring payments to help them save even more time and improve their experience even further

Secure and faster payments

Provide a secure environment for your customers to pay. Obtain payment notifications in near real time and benefit from quick processing into your account

Through the Gateway

PathToPay is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank.

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