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ADVAM's UnattendedPayments solution enables kiosk manufacturers to equip retailers with a convenient and hygienic way to transform the shopping experience for consumers around the world.

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Innovative ways to connect

Retailers around the world are installing an increasing number of self-service kiosks to transform the in-store experience and reduce costs-to-serve. 

ADVAM’s payment services technology enables retail kiosks to accept contactless payments via cards and mobile wallets — quickly and securely.

Big benefits for kiosk manufacturers…

Integrated, scalable technology

Cost-effective, quality solution

Designed to complement hardware

Enhances clients’ experience

Big benefits for retailers…

Touch-free, intuitive consumer experience

Integrated, scalable with retail systems

Powerful way to boost revenue

Cost-effective, quality solution

Convenience and hygiene

Self-service kiosks work well in a post-pandemic world that’s seeing demand for touch-free, hygienic payment methods accelerate. It’s proven, capable and scalable technology that’s ready to meet this vital, consumer-led priority.

Touch-free — meets demand for hygienic payments
Cashless — reflects switch to digital wallet and tap technology
Convenient — easier and quicker to browse, choose and shop

Real results for retailers and consumers

Self-service kiosks add another dimension to in-store shopping, bringing real benefits for consumers and for operators. ADVAM’s hardware-agnostic UnattendedPayments solution integrates seamlessly into kiosks to deliver innovation in payment acceptance.

It’s also technology that’s providing retailers with a real business advantage as they seek to complement or compete with online shopping.

Retail kiosks — the competitive edge

Longer Dwell Time
Bigger Choice
Lower Wait Times
Staff Productivity
Boost Website
Offer Incentives
Reward Loyalty

The ADVAM advantage

ADVAM is a leading payments services supplier to the retail sector — and we’re also experts in self-service kiosk implementations around the world. 

Our fully integrated, scaleable technology can deliver the results you’re looking for — whether you’re a kiosk manufacturer seeking to work with a globally-proven partner, or you’re a retailer looking to transform consumer in-store experiences. 

ADVAM — reliable, proven, flexible services

Intuitive, touch-free payment experiences

Robust, global payment gateway for rapid, secure processing

Complete solution integration for seamless operation

Level 1 PCI DSS certified Service Provider, P2PE validated solution

Equipment agnostic — functionality across all kiosks

Local support, backed by global infrastructure

UnattendedPayments is ADVAM’s end-to-end solution that means you can accept cashless payments via cards and mobile wallets.

It’s our proven platform that combines high performing, robust payment terminals, connection to the ADVAM Gateway and a comprehensive reporting & account administration management tool.

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