Infrastructure Change: TLS 1.0 Disablement

ADVAM is updating its infrastructure to meet the latest security protocols.
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About P2PE

With the potential to transfer the majority of your compliance PCI-DSS burden, Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) gives the highest level of security for your UnattendedPayments terminals and payment processing.

The P2PE process monitors each step of the terminal configuration, distribution, installation and payment processing path – making sure that each step is secure and meets PCI DSS P2PE requirements. By meeting the requirements, you have the potential to reduce the scope of your PCI-DSS requirement.


Key injected

Terminal Injected with Unique Key at approved Key Injection Facility


Terminal sent following the set protocol to the merchant (or approved partner)


Merchant (or approved partner) confirms receipt of the terminal


P2PE terminal securely installed at Merchant location


Merchant activates secure payment application on to terminal

Potential to reduce your PCI-DSS burden

Due to the security measures of a P2PE validated solution, a merchant can potentially transfer the majority of their compliance burden to their payments service provider. ADVAM works with you, your integration partner and acquiring bank to guide you through each step and ensure that the correct protocols are in place.

No supplier can give you a blanket claim on the level of PCI-DSS scope reduction. For each merchant an individual scope is completed, outlining each step and responsibilities of the supplier, integration partner and the merchant. This process is validated via an independent assessment, completed by your QSA.