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The ADVAM Gateway - powering payment processing

The ADVAM Gateway is our sophisticated payment processing engine. It's ADVAM's own proprietary infrastructure, and it's where all our clients and their customers' payments are processed, quickly and securely.

Rapid, accurate and secure payments

Whether you’re looking to put in place an e-commerce solution, or you’re deploying an unattended payment capability, the ADVAM Gateway means that payments will be remitted to your account rapidly and accurately. The Gateway is also fully redundant with automatic fallover, maximising security for you and your customers. 

ADVAM has relationships with acquiring banks across over 20 countries, we'll make the connection with your bank

Compliant and certified

The ADVAM Gateway and our processes are Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Our terminals and processes are EMV certified, enabling us to guide you through the EMV journey. 

Accredited, quality processes

The quality of our management processes is also certified to ISO 9001.

Our accreditations satisfy all applicable card scheme programs, regional multilateral agreements, central bank and financial sector legislation, as well as all other relevant industry-specific standards.