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Maximise the passenger experience, achieve cost-efficiencies, maximise security and enhance transport provider performance with GroundTransport.

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Improve passenger traffic flow

Access to and from travel hubs work best, and the passenger experience is maximised when traffic flows efficiently and securely. GroundTransport from ADVAM delivers step-changes in these key performance areas. It's technology that transforms the passenger experience, secures cost-efficiencies, maximises security and enhances transport provider performance.


How it works

Simple registration, easy pay options

We make it easy for you to set up accounts for operators or enable taxi and bus licensees and their drivers to register their vehicles and select from a payment option you've chosen.

Drop off, pick up

GroundTransport is a fully automated solution so there's no ticket for drivers to collect and no change to find.

Flowing - safely and securely

Because only registered operators are allowed to access your pickup zones, it's a more secure solution for your customers.

Automatic payment

Users are then charged automatically through the account they've set up within GroundTransport.

You can do more with GroundTransport

Some of GroundTransport's other features include:

  • Management reporting linked to your business intelligence solution
  • Full control of traffic volume statistics and revenue information
  • Integration with existing access control equipment
  • Presented as part of your brand

Through the Gateway

GroundTransport is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank.

Will GroundTransport work for me?

GroundTransport is perfect for these sectors: