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The online payments platform that helps you improve traffic flow, benefit from ride share, taxis and public transport, while improving the passenger experience

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Improving the flow of traffic through better GroundTransport management

GroundTransport is the online transport management platform that’s delivering real results for airports and transport hubs around the world. It enables you to better control traffic flow, secure vital new sources of revenue, and deliver major improvements in satisfaction — for passengers, transport operators and drivers.


Driver registers online

Driver sets up payment options

Driver arrives at designated taxi, bus or ride share area

Access payment deducted

Business gains customer data

GroundTransport delivers a seamless experience for you, your transport operators, the drivers and ultimately, the passengers.


Secure a better traffic flow

GroundTransport puts you in control of your transport hub. Its powerful platform allows you to efficiently manage different transport groups.

Achieve better traffic flow

Improve passenger experience

Increase operational efficiency

GroundTransport’s extensive features include;

Highly flexible account structures

Select between two operating models, either drivers pay for their own fees directly to you or payment is handled by the licensees.


Driver user account

Provide drivers with a portal where they can manage and update their own account, including vehicle and payment details.


Flexible payment options

Provide different payment methods for your drivers and licensees - pay as you go, prepay with auto top-up, postpaid or seasonal payments. 



Generate driver and movement reports using a range of different filters to improve your understanding of driver trends to help plan for future growth.


System integration

Link GroundTransport to your business intelligence system and other business tools. 


Seamless entry & exit

Works with existing or new access control hardware, including ANPR/LPR, RFID, MAG, TAG or barcode, to deliver seamless and efficient driver entry and exit.


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GroundTransport’s features

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Benefits for you...

Administration burden reduced

Eliminate time consuming processes including top up card management and manual driver validation

Data Insights

Collect key data to understand and assist with future planning

New revenue channels

Secure new income flows by embracing rideshare, taxis and buses and managing controlled drop-off/pick-up zones

Cash handling eliminated

End the burden of collecting and managing cash as well as maintaining payment machines

Managed integration

Connect to access control systems including barcode, ANPR/LPR, RFID, MAG or TAG

More secure

Allow only approved/validated transport in your pick-up/drop-off zones

Benefits for licensees...

Easy validation

Online driver validation makes management simple and consistent

Remove manual toll management

Eliminate the manual work involved in managing toll payments for their drivers

Benefits for drivers...

More convenience

Easy sign up and seamless toll payment processing

Improved experience

Better traffic flows improve driver efficiency and build passenger satisfaction with their service

Better management

Drivers can choose the way they want to pay, view their account and transactions online

Benefits for passengers...

Enhanced journey experience

More efficient traffic flows cuts congestion to enhance the passenger arrival and departure experience

Better security

All vehicles are registered and trackable, building passenger trust in your transport hub

Through the Gateway

GroundTransport is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank.