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With UnattendedConnect, you get the flexibility to link to your preferred bank using your existing payment terminals.

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The migration to EMV doesn’t necessarily mean that new terminals are required.

UnattendedConnect allows you to seamlessly integrate your own payment terminal with your preferred bank via the ADVAMGateway and enables you to achieve an end-to-end EMV certified payment solution through ADVAM’s assistance. With UnattendedConnect, you get the flexibility to connect to your preferred bank using your existing payment terminals whilst ensuring that your customers payment journey is fast, easy and secure.


How it works

Integrate and Connect

Our solution integrates your EMV certified payment terminal through your Host Management System via the ADVAMGateway, connecting you to your preferred bank. The ADVAM team will conduct certification testing and will provide support during the certification process to help you achieve an end-to-end EMV payment solution.

Seamless, secure payment

Once end-to-end EMV certification has been achieved, payments are processed reliably and efficiently to your preferred bank through ADVAM's payment gateway. It's a proven processing capability that's fully secure, compliant and integrated with acquiring banks, and it's also compatible with mobile device wallet solutions.

You can do more with UnattendedConnect

Some of UnattendedConnect's other features include:

  • Management reporting which could be linked to your business intelligence solution
  • Full control of real time transaction statistics and revenue information
  • Acceptance of all major credit card schemes

Through the Gateway

UnattendedPayments is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank.

Will UnattendedConnect work for me?

UnattendedConnect is perfect for these sectors: