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Benefit from an end to end EMV certified solution, using your existing equipment and payment terminals

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Seamlessly integrate your existing payment terminals to your preferred bank via the ADVAM Gateway

UnattendedConnect enables you to connect to your preferred bank whilst using your existing payment terminals. ADVAM will work with your terminal provider to assist them with the end-to-end EMV certification and make sure that the whole process is seamless.

Using your existing terminal
Connect to the ADVAM Gateway
and your bank

Using your existing terminal

Consumer pays with card or mobile device

Payment is processed using your existing terminal

Connect to the ADVAM Gateway and your bank

Fast processing via the ADVAM Gateway to your bank

Manage your account and transactions


Seamless, secure payment

UnattendedConnect equips you with an end-to-end EMV certified payment solution that supports your future growth.


Easy integration

Proven and secure

UnattendedConnect’s extensive features include;

End-to-end EMV certified solution

ADVAM will support you and your terminal supplier through the process, providing API connectivity to the ADVAM Gateway


The way to pay

Easy and secure payment via the ADVAM Gateway, benefitting from the power of ADVAM’s acquirer connections. Enable payment by major cards and mobile wallets.


Administration Portal

Take control of your account. View and search transactions, enable refunds and generate comprehensive reports.


Cost efficient

Use your existing terminals and connect to the power of the ADVAM Gateway. Eliminate the burden of creating a direct link between your bank and terminal provider.


Increased security

Reduce the risk of fraud through an end-to-end EMV certified solution.


Exceptional customer experience

Deliver a hassle-free experience to your customers during their buying journey.


Through the Gateway

UnattendedPayments is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank.