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The rise of self service in these times of contactless

Posted 24 April 2020

As people comply with social distancing and seek ways to limit their contact with people, or touching surfaces, they are changing the way that they shop, travel and use services.

Whether you are operating a physical presence only, or have recently moved online, your customers want to buy goods and services from you, with as little contact as possible.


Payments for the self-service industry

As more people move away from human contact, it could be the right time for your self-service business to prosper. Recent research shows that 73% of consumers prefer self-service to improve their shopping experience, looking to find the added convenience and hygiene factor that self-service can bring[1].

Added to that, is the move away from cash. The added convenience of being able to use cards or mobile wallets over cash has seen the decline of cash for a while, but with the increased reluctance of people to use cash due to hygiene concerns – now is the perfect time to promote your cashless self-service business. Read more about ADVAM's cashless solutions for Self-Service.


Moving your business online

Many businesses are changing the way that they can offer their goods and services to customers and making the natural progression to move their business online. Whether this is to provide an additional way for your customers to pay (instead of in person), or moving the whole business online; the ability to accept online payments is crucial during these times. Don’t think that you have to be a physical store to be online, the customers we manage online or phone payments for include a range of services including storage facilities, parking memberships, sports club memberships, council rate payments, insurance payments and more. Find out more about online payments


Touch-free and contactless parking

It is undeniable that parking has seen a huge impact, but operators are looking at ways that they can make it easier and safer for their customers to park with them. In addition to the increase in cleaning and compliance to social distancing regulations, car parks are looking at ways to provide touch-free parking. This means removing the need to press any buttons, take tickets and pay manually at a payment machine. With a combination of touch-free, online and mobile payment solutions available specifically for parking our customers are able to benefit by providing their customers flexible options, promotional codes to essential workers and discounted rates for members. Read more about touch-free payments for parking.