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Remove the touch, reduce the risk with your parking

Posted 31 March 2020

The past few weeks and months have been challenging across the globe. It is hard for all individuals and businesses to try to keep life going as ‘normal’ as possible, while still doing the right thing.

At ADVAM, we’ve had a number of our parking customers request how we can assist them to maintain business operations where possible and to help reduce the risk to their customers. We appreciate that, with different global regions at varying alert levels and with circumstances changing each day, there is by no means a one size fits all solution.

As we are all aware, the current situation is calling for everyone to avoid contact where possible and to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Although car parks and on street parking may have little human contact, they still pose risks from multiple touch points.

There are a few ways that a car park and on street parking can become touch free, with relative ease.

Contactless Touch-free entry and exit

As consumers get more concerned if anything that they touch is germ-free, make it simple for them and remove the need to push a button, take a ticket and then reinsert the ticket at a pay station or at exit. By providing a contactless solution at entry and exit, your customer simply drives in and taps their contactless card to enter. When leaving, they simply tap their card at exit, the amount is calculated and deducted from their payment card. No need to push a button, take a ticket or queue at a payment terminal.

Read more about ADVAM’s end-to-end contactless solution.

Membership parking accounts

With an online membership accounts, consumers can regiser online, apply their vehicle and payment details to benefit from seamless, touch-free parking during entry and exit. Combined with frictionless barrier control such as ANPR/LPR, RFID or pass card, members are able to enter/exit the car park, without any need to touch buttons or go to a payment machine. The online platform provides a way for you to engage with your customers and provide special incentives and reduced membership rates, such as special rates for essential workers.

Read more about ADVAM's ParkCharge solution.

Remove anxiety with prebook parking

Allow your customers to prebook their journey and benefit from contactless, touch-free parking. By prebooking parking online and registering an online account, customers are able to enter/exit the car park and pay seamlessly, without the need to press buttons or pay at a machine. The online platform enables you to engage with your customers and deliver promo codes and special incentives, such as special rates for essential workers.

Read more about ADVAM's AltitudeReservation solution

Mobile app

For on-street, or barrierless off-street parking make it easy for consumers to park and pay – without touching a pay machine, or having to display a ticket.

ADVAM’s ePark solution, allows your customers to park, select their preferred tariff package and pay for parking in a single easy to use mobile app. The app is delivered in your brand, allowing you to build customer engagement.

They simply download the app, enter their payment details, select the tariff right for them (start/stop, timed session, early bird etc) and for customers that park regularly, they can sign-up to make repeat parking trips a lot easier. The mobile app, removes the hassle of managing manual payments and enables your customers to be touch-free.

Find out more about ADVAM’s ePark solution


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