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ADVAM uses robotics to improve its speed to market for UnattendedPayments terminals

Posted 27 June 2019, Australia

ADVAM achieved a major milestone with the first fully automated transaction test for its UnattendedPayments terminals. Abrantix provided the test automation software and EFT/POS Terminal Testing Robots to enable this milestone.

The payment industry is evolving at an increasing pace. Payment terminals are continuously enhanced with new features and ways to process payments. This results in more complexity for payment applications and systems. At the same time, meeting the latest rules and regulations is paramount to providing secure and high-quality solutions. For these reasons, quality assurance is of utmost importance in payment terminal development. High testing speed is required to meet the needs of clients, while new features and regulations require more and more testing.

ADVAM, a leading provider of unattended payment terminals and payment processes, is constantly looking to improve its quality assurance, test processes and speed to market. To enable the complex blend of quality and speed ADVAM has made the decision to automate elements of its testing process of its UnattendedPayment terminals.

To improve this efficiency and to automate elements of the process, ADVAM uses the Abrantix Test Environment software application and Abrantix EFT/POS Terminal Testing Robots. Abrantix Test Environment is a test automation application, purpose built for EFT/POS terminal testing. It can be extended to fit into any test setup. For example, ADVAM uses an MDB extension which enables the testing of self-service machine terminals. The Abrantix robots can ‘tap’ on touch screens, press the terminal key pads or insert payment cards. Through the Abrantix API the robots are already integrated with the Abrantix Test Environment.

“The quality of our testing and speed to market of our UnattendedPayment terminals is of ever-increasing importance for ADVAM. We want to be able to release our UnattendedPayment terminals more quickly, without any negative impact to quality. This test automation is a leading edge approach for ADVAM and the payments industry, freeing our highly skilled team to focus on the more complex elements of testing and release to market. We are expecting to see positive results not only from the efficiency within the testing process, but an overall improved service to our customers.”  Paul Sidwell, Regional Managing Director at ADVAM

“We are delighted to accompany ADVAM on their journey to automated testing. Especially because we can demonstrate how easy our software can be extended and how well it integrates with our robots and other hardware.” Martin Gloor, Country Manager Australia of Abrantix


About Abrantix

Abrantix is a leader in EFT/POS terminal test automation and also provides other enabling technology for most players in the EFT/POS industry. From off-the-shelve solutions to tailormade, large-scale software.

We are an international company of passionate payment software engineers with extensive knowledge of the EFTPOS market and its processes. Our focus is on agile, high quality software development using the latest technology. We also provide advisory services around EFT/POS business processes, technology, digitalization, innovation and testing.

Our knowledge and solutions range from EMV kernel and embedded terminal applications to high performing host solutions like payment gateways (E-Commerce, terminal handlers, EMV processing), terminal management systems, mobile payment applications and more.

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