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ADVAM ready for Apple Pay in Australia

Posted 29 April 2016, Australia

The anticipated launch of Apple Pay for ANZ in the Australian market was announced yesterday. ANZ is the first of the Australian banks to adopt the digital payment service, with the expectation that other banks may follow.

The digital payment service enables consumers to use the relevant version of iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad to be used as a contactless card. The phone and watch can be used at payment terminals and the iPad version can be used for in app payments.

ADVAM is pleased to inform all of our customers that ADVAM is ready to accept payments via Apple Pay with a linked ANZ VISA card. The latest range of Ingenico payment terminals delivered by ADVAM and the ADVAM Gateway process transactions from Apple Pay in the same way as physical ANZ VISA card transactions. All clients receive the same level of service and security including fast transaction processing, customer and transaction data.

Jose Da Silva, CEO ADVAM comments, “As customers look for more convenient ways to make payment, it is important that we can support new services as close as possible to when they are launched in the market. As Australia is one of the highest adopters of contactless payments, it is expected that consumers will also adopt this approach to making payments with ease. We are pleased we can support our clients to be Apple Pay ready.

For further information on ADVAM payments solutions, refer to UnattendedPayments, PathToPay and ADVAM Gateway.


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