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Take your valet service to the next level with ADVAM’s Valet Check-in/Check-out

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Enhance your current valet service and your customers’ experience

Valet Check-in/Check-out enables your current valet service to manage capacity through a check-in / check-out capability, providing optimal results to your parking business.

Valet manager searches for customer, checks their details and checks them in

A view of all checked in bookings is available, allowing the Valet Manager to check out the customer on exit

Valet Manager is able to offer additional upsell services

Linked to their parking booking, payment for any additional upsell items is deducted from their account

Build insights
Secure loyalty
Improve experience

Manage your valet service and improve your customer experience

Check and validate valet customers


Option to provide upsell opportunities at time of arrival


Payment is integrated with AltitudeReservation, enabling prepayment of the valet service and automatic deduction for any additional services


Benefits for you and your customers

Improve your valet experience

Remove the manual management by your Valet manager

Increase revenue with the ability to upsell

Benefit from the ability to upsell

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AltitudeReservation’s features

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