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LoyaltyCredit and RewardsPlus allow you to offer incentives and rewards to your loyal customers. Choose the solution that’s best for your business and your customers’ needs, or combine LoyaltyCredit and RewardsPlus to deliver a premium Loyalty and Rewards program.

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The easy-to-use module that enables you to reward your frequent customers

Customers earn points each time they prebook their parking with you

Once sufficient points are accumulated, they receive a credit on their next booking

You decide the points-to-credit ratio and the monetary value of each credit applied


The sophisticated solution helping you to encourage your most loyal customers

Customers earn status points on their prebook parking and additional services

All status points earned contribute to securing a tier status

Once status tier is achieved, offer special products and pricing to suit that tier

You decide status tiers, status points-to-tier ratios and linked products or pricing


Work alone, or work together to add more value

Our loyalty and rewards solutions are designed to work on their own — and they can also work together to drive customer loyalty even further.


Customer logs in with their AltitudeReservation details

Makes a booking for parking and additional services

Earns LoyaltyCredit points and RewardsPlus status points

If they have LoyaltyCredit, option to receive credit on booking

In the My Account area, customer views LoyaltyCredit points, status tiers and next level points target

All features are delivered as an add-on to the AltitudeReservation platform – giving you a single place to manage your loyalty, products and pricing

* LoyaltyCredit requires the Credit Module to be installed. 
Minimum criteria for the AltitudeReservation platform version apply.


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