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The ADVAM loyalty module allows you to reward your customers, giving them points which can be converted to monetary credit, encouraging them to park with you over and over again

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The dedicated loyalty program that rewards your customers, creating an even better customer experience

The points-based system is easily configurable enabling you to manage the platform, what points your customers earn and the level of rewards that they receive. For your customer, they simply earn points every time they book with you and are able to see and manage their accounts via their own customer portal.


Configurable point-based loyalty system

Points earned by customer and turned into credit

Tiered points system enables further rewards to the most loyal customers

Credit applied on customer’s next booking

Build insights
Secure loyalty
Improve experience

The loyalty program that keeps you in charge

Easy configuration to assign your points to credit ratio


Tiered points system enables you to assign different points and credits to your most loyal customers


Full visibility of points for customers


Benefits for you, benefits for your customers

Create customer loyalty, by rewarding your customers and encouraging them to park with you more frequently

Easy configuration enables you to tailor the program to your customers

Encourage customers to park more regularly and become advocates for your parking business

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