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The power of Social Sign On (SSO)

Posted 17 September 2020

Have you ever been in the same boat? Your answer will probably be YES!

At one point in our lives, we’ve been through the scenario above where we cannot remember the password we have created for an account – whether it is for a rewards account, online shopping or utilities account. With all the requirements of creating a new password nowadays, creating an account online is just sometimes an inconvenience.  This is where that extra layer of convenience brought about by Social Sign On (SSO) can help.

What is Social Sign On?

Social Sign On is the option to log into a platform using one of your social media account credentials.

Why Social Sign On?

  • Enhanced customer experience – You eliminate ‘Password fatigue’ from your customers. One less password to create and to remember.
  • Potential increase in sign-ups – Convenience is key. The easier the sign-up process, the more people sign up for an account.
  • Improved data quality – Reduce the risk of getting duplicate accounts from customers who forget their password. Instead of doing a password reset, they create another account which then creates a duplicate record in the system.   

How can we help?

ADVAM’s platforms supports Social Sign On via Facebook and Google. Add that layer of convenience for your parking customers when they sign up for an account with your business.  Learn how you can enable Social Sign On via ADVAM’s ParkCharge, AltitudeReservation, GroundTransport and StaffPark.

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