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Avinor selects ADVAM to improve the parking experience for its customers

Posted 13 July 2017, UK

ADVAM and Avinor are pleased to announce the agreement to roll-out the latest ADVAM AltitudeReservation platform across seven of Avinor’s principal airports.

As a country, Norway has the most airline trips per capita in Europe. As a wholly-owned state limited company, Avinor is responsible for 45 state-owned airports, managing 50 million passengers per year and some of the busiest routes within Europe.

The continual growth in passenger numbers and with increased competition from off airport parking operators, Avinor wanted to look at ways in which they could improve the customers experience and create loyalty.

Per-Rune M. Lunderby, Category Manager, Avinor Airport comments; “Avinor is constantly developing its airports, looking at ways to better manage the increase in passenger traffic and to improve the experience for our customers. A key focus of that development is to introduce a new digital platform, to make better use of our rich customer data and provide a platform to engage with our customers”

Even though Avinor’s relationship with ADVAM commenced in 2015, through the pilot of the AltitudeReservation platform at Ålesund airport, Avinor undertook a rigorous tender process inviting a number of parking payment providers to demonstrate how their solutions could meet the stringent requirements of the wider group of airports.

Following this thorough tender process, the ADVAM AltitudeReservation system was selected as the Group’s new Platform to manage Parking Reservations. AltitudeReservation enables Avinor to roll out a single digital platform across their principal airports. With this single instance and integration with Avinor’s multiple customer data points, AltitudeReservation provides a way for Avinor to access its rich customer data, engage with its customers and have the required information to enhance the customer experience further.

The AltitudeReservation system will not only enable passengers to pre-book parking at the seven principal airports, but will allow Avinor to open its on-line channel to third parties such as travel agents and airlines, enabling them to offer parking at one of the selected airports, as part of their own customer booking experience.

Per-Rune M. Lunderby, Avinor Airport continues; “The integration managed by ADVAM to our existing (PARCS) equipment enables us to manage a single roll out across our airports, to focus on improving our parking products, making them more relevant for our customers and improving the overall parking experience. Parking is the group's second most important commercial business area and an important part of the transportation service to and from the airports. It’s therefore critical that we have the right solution to deliver an excellent customer experience now, and for the future. The ADVAM solution does just that.”

The rollout across all seven airports, including Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Tromsø, Ålesund and Bodø has already commenced. The pilot at Ålesund Airport has been finalised and is now live to all passengers. Oslo, Avinor Group’s largest airport went live with the new ADVAM AltitudeReservation platform on 28th December 2016, and is already seeing significant incremental growth.

The rollout schedule for the remaining five airports will continue throughout 2017, making sure that the integration with Avinor’s multiple PARCS (Parking and Revenue Control Systems) is as seamless as possible and only has a positive impact on the customers’ experience.


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