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ADVAM to present “The Changing Way to Pay” at NZPA 2018

Posted 17 September 2018, Australia

Matt Ryan, Business Manager NZ and Brendan Williams, Business Development Manager are both going to be at the NZPA Conference 2018 being held on 24 – 25 September at the Trinity Wharf Hotel in Tauranga.

Matt will share his insights on how a parking reservation platform is a key player in the parking business given the changing landscape of payments.

“The Changing Way to Pay”

Matt will explore why consumers are increasingly turning to online platforms in order to gain control over their own ‘journey’ especially when travelling. This behavioural shift presents opportunities to a parking business.  Using real business examples, Matt Ryan will provide some insight into the functionalities you can incorporate with a parking reservations platform (i.e. complex products, occupancy-based pricing) and how they can help your business meet the demands of the consumers today.  A must-attend session to find out how a parking reservations platform can lead to increased efficiency, revenue and an improved customer journey. 

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