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ADVAM offers a unique opportunity to assist Parking Operators and Airports to enter the online world

Posted 3 September 2015, UK

ADVAM’s attendance at the recent National Parking Association (NPA) conference in Miami has strengthened its confidence in the specialist solutions it delivers.

ADVAM is a leading payment solutions provider, delivering world-leading solutions that make it easier for clients to engage with their customers through an integrated suite of applications.

The client focused Reservation and ParkCharge platforms that are deployed to leading airports and parking operators all over the world, provide a unique opportunity to assist companies to enter the online world and provide solutions that improve customer experience.

Jose Da Silva, CEO, ADVAM comments, “Attending the NPA in Miami has been very insightful, enabling us to understand the unique challenges of the local parking market. With a need to innovate, the market is on the brink of change and with a transition to more customer focused online solutions, ADVAM is ideally placed”.

ADVAM is already working with a number of parking operators and airports in the US, using their global expertise to assist organisations to provide an improved experience to their customers.

The Reservation platform, not only enables customers to prebook and pay for their parking in advance. ADVAM works closely with their clients to support their digital and upsell strategies. In addition to parking, clients can add a range of services and product bundles, enabling their customers to pre-buy services such as fast track, executive lounge access or valet.

However, the tool is more than just a shopping cart. Via API integration or using the inbuilt content management tools, clients can easily create their own booking front end, improving the overall customer journey.

The ParkCharge platform is being utilised by some of the innovation leaders in parking. Using the parking account or wallet, customers can seamlessly enter, park, exit and pay for parking. The ticketless solution enables parking operators to improve the flow of traffic around the car park, often reducing congestion on entry and exit. The customer experience is greatly improved, and as the solution can be linked to affiliate and loyalty schemes, customer retention can increase even further.

Jose Da Silva continues, “The Reservation and ParkCharge solutions are just two of our integrated solutions that enable clients to improve their interaction with customers. Our full suite of solutions enables clients to more easily manage payments, including EMV compliant payment terminals and solutions to manage staff parking and ground transport. Our specialism is not just our global expertise with acquirers in over 20 countries; but the end to end integration from customer payment through to the merchants preferred bank; including connection with clients CRM and Business Information platforms.”


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