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ADVAM launches its new, easier approach to payments for EV Charging

Posted 10 July 2020

ADVAM is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging payments solution (EV - MCC 5552), making it easier for customers to pay and operators to secure payments. 

This new ADVAM payments solution enables a simple contactless ‘tap’ and single low value payment pre-authorisation to start the charge. Once the charge is complete, the final amount is simply deducted from the pre-authorised payment card or mobile wallet charge.

Dennis Pintamalli, Regional Managing Director – EMEA, ADVAM comments, “We are very excited to launch this new, easier way to manage payments for EV Charging, which we believe is   fairly unique to the market. The solution will enable ADVAM to better support our growing customer demand for EV Charging and to provide a more effective way to manage payments for the service”.

The new way to pay for EV Charging enables the user to simply tap their card or mobile wallet, using contactless technology to initialise payment and for charging to commence. Once the charge is complete, the user simply disconnects the charger from their vehicle and can drive away. ADVAM’s EV Charging solution will charge the correct amount to their pre-authorised payment card or mobile wallet.

Dennis Pintamalli ADVAM concludes, “We do already work with a number of EV Charging customers in both Asia Pacific and Europe, to provide contactless payment solutions. However, this new solution provides an additional level of simplicity for the consumer and security for the parking operator or EV Charging provider. We understand that we are one of the first to market with this type of payment for EV Charging and look forward to rolling this out with new and existing EV Charging providers”.

ADVAM is already in production with a customer in the UK and plans to make it available to customers globally soon.


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