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ADVAM and Nedap integrate leading parking and transport management solutions

Posted 31 March 2016, UK

Nedap’s TRANSIT is the solution for long-range vehicle identification of up to 10 meters (33 ft.). When TRANSIT is combined with ADVAM’s platforms, a fully integrated solution is formed which, in turn improves flow of traffic, operational efficiency, customer loyalty and effective payment. The ADVAM ticketless solutions enable clients to engage with their customers, providing an account-based solution for their parking and transport management. Thanks to Nedap’s long-range vehicle identification technologies, customers can seamlessly enter, exit and pay for parking or access a transport hub. This secure and easily accessible control system improves customer experience, which results in increased user frequency, thereby adding customer value and their loyalty.

Management data and reporting
In addition to the accessibility of parking lots or transport hubs, Nedap’s MOOV system registers all vehicle entrance and exit transactions and can manage the entire vehicle access installation. Information on each vehicle access is transferred to the ADVAM system for payment processing. Customers benefit from integrated management data and reporting. Parking and transport facilities are able to understand who their customers are, analyse how they use the facility, manage accounts and engage with customers. Solutions such as ADVAM ParkCharge can also be linked to third party loyalty schemes and enhance the customer experience even further.

“The strategic partnership with ADVAM is a result of Nedap’s long term expertise in vehicle access technologies and mobility solutions. Nedap’s vehicle identification technology and MOOV vehicle access system, in combination with ADVAM’s payment applications;  ParkCharge, StaffPark and GroundTransport, provide excellent solutions to manage staff parking, ground transportation and customer loyalty parking,” explained Evelien O’Sullivan, Sales Manager Asia Pacific at Nedap Identification Systems. 

“ADVAM focuses on delivering innovative solutions that improve our client’s interaction with their customers. We are very proud about our client integration and collaborate with a number of industry leading partners to ensure that we can deliver on requirements. As a result of our partnership with Nedap we are able to deliver an integrated solution to clients and improve the efficiency of their staff, ground transport and customer parking management,” states Jose Da Silva, CEO of ADVAM.

Successful deployments
ADVAM and Nedap have already collaborated during a number of successful deployments in the APAC region, including taxi management for Adelaide and Auckland Airport and vehicle access for staff parking at the largest medical centre in the Southern Hemisphere. These collaborations have enabled ADVAM and Nedap to optimize their solutions, allowing future customers to be confident that the two industry leading organisations and platforms work together to deliver combined benefits.

Nedap and ADVAM will demonstrate their solutions at Intertraffic 2016, Amsterdam. For more information about Nedap’s MOOV system please visit stand 02.114. To understand more about ticketless parking and transport management solutions please visit ADVAM at stand 03.303.


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