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Engaging with our customers and partners across the globe.

We are building a range of webinar series to help our customers, partners and anyone in the industry to navigate the world of payments for their industry.

All webinars will be educational and no more than 30 minutes, with an option to ask questions to our presenters.

The first series is focused on parking.

As more operators are looking for ways to provide safer, more hygienic parking for now and seeking ways to help build meaningful customer relationships for the future; we have developed this webinar series to show the different technologies available to provide contactless, touch-free and relationship forming solutions to help you now and for future growth.

EV Charging

As Governments around the world set mandates for the reduction in emissions and quotas for the production and distribution of electric vehicles, your parking business needs to be ready.

This webinar explores;

  • The growth of EV Charging around the world
  • How to charge for the charge. The easy way to accept payments for EV Charging
  • What you need to consider for EV Charging
  • Q&A with our EMEA local experts: Matt Hayward-Ryan and Ed Hunt

Date: 23 July 3:30pm (BST)/10:30am (EDT)

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Coming soon:

Mobile apps for touch-free parking

Mobile apps are a great way to enable touch-free parking for on-street or barrierless off-street car parks. The simplicity of being able to pay via app and the membership benefits attract consumers and offer benefits to parking operators and local authorities.

This webinar explores;

  • The growth of mobile payment applications
  • What is in a dedicated app for your parking payments
  • Using an app to engage with your customers
  • All that you need to consider in order to implement an app
  • Q&A with our expert: Matt Hayward-Ryan

Date: TBC

We will be sending an invite to register for each webinar shortly. Subscribe Now if you are not already subscribed to receive ADVAM invites, or latest news from ADVAM and the industry.

These webinars have been selected from requests that we have already received. If you would like to see additional topics, or a separate webinar series, please let us know.


Contactless = Touch-free (completed)

By using a contactless card reader at entry and exit, you can create a complete touch-free experience. Your customers simply tap-in to enter, at exit the parking fee is calculated and they tap again to pay. No need to touch a button, take a ticket or queue at a payment machine.

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Getting ready for recovery. Building relationships with prebook and membership accounts (completed)

One of the key benefits of prebook and membership parking platforms is the ability to gather customer insights and provide a platform to engage with them. Many operators are currently using promotional codes within these platforms, to give special offers to essential workers, but there is a lot more to them than what is needed now. Explore how prebook and membership platforms can be used to incentivise and support your customers. Learn about the power of these platforms and all that you need to consider before implementation.

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Is your Retail Centre parking ready for recovery and the build up to Christmas? (completed)

Bricks and mortar retail has of course been hit hard by the global pandemic, but as some countries start to look at plans for opening up, shopping centres are preparing for how they will manage retail in this new world, allow for social distancing measures and encourage people back to the stores.

With the busiest shopping time approaching, how do you get your parking ready to meet new expectations and to provide a stand-out experience that begins before they hit the shops. Explore what recovery is looking like across the world how the power of prebook and membership accounts can help you provide a better experience for your customers.

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