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Staff and contractor parking that just works

If you employ large numbers of staff and contractors, you’ll know how important it is for them to be able to arrive and depart the workplace safely and efficiently.

That’s particularly true when a car is the most viable commuting option for workplaces like airports, shopping centres, health facilities, and education campuses.

ADVAM is experienced in working with large organisations to help them manage their car parking needs. 

Our solutions are built around an easy to use registration and account management platform for staff and contractors, and we can also assist you if you also need to organise parking for licensees’ staff.

What ADVAM can do for you

  • Enable payment via pre pay, pay as you go, salary deduction or free of charge
  • Integrate your existing access control equipment or pass card system
  • Accommodate different staff and contractor parking permits or payment tiers

We’ll guide you through the EMV journey and show you how we can transform the parking experience of some of the people who matter most – your staff and contractors. 

Which ADVAM solutions
are right for me?



Making parking easy and efficient for staff and contractors



The complete and trusted unattended payment solution