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ADVAM’s CEO, Jose Da Silva, on disruptive technologies and fostering an innovation culture

Posted 29 May 2017, Australia

Our CEO, Jose Da Silva, shared his perspective on dealing with disruptive technologies and fostering an innovation culture at the UTS CEO Circle Seminar.

Key Insights from Jose

Crush assumptions 

Don’t think you know. Make sure you know. If you don’t know, find out. 

Find frustrations

Find frustrations internally in your organisation and externally in your market. These frustrations are innovations waiting to happen.  

Expand horizons 

It's not only about the depth of knowledge you have relating to a subject, it is about expanding your field of view

Make decisions

We don’t have “idea” issues.  It is about making decisions. It is about taking those ideas and running with them.

Learn from failures

It doesn’t matter if you fail, what matters is that you ask yourself what you learned from your failure.


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Tags:  innovation culture